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          Z-5130 has ZEBEX specially designed CCD scan engine with light beam bright and clear as laser beam that gives user best visual indication and its powerful high resolution CCD acts in outstanding performance. The Z-5130 has all the flexibility and future upgradeability, and it is certainly the greatest choice for embedded products. Gaming machines, lottery machines, handheld terminals and many more compact applications are now on your hand.

          ? World's smallest CCD scan module in its class
          ? A "test" button on top for performance testing
          ? Small size and preserved mounting holes for easy installation
          ? Great CCD scanning performance and future upgradeability on firmware
          ? Industrial standard design
          ? Best for embedded applications, kiosks, lottery machine, and others where space is limited
          ? Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology
          ? Captures barcodes on mobile phone, tablet, or computer screens

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